Mary jo

Mary Jo is a singer-songwriter, performer, and professional recording artist. She has been performing in front of live audiences since the age of 4 as well as writing her own music since the age of 9. She has been recording her music as well as demos since age 10 and has taken vocal, piano, violin, and saxophone lessons since the age of 11. Mary has been involved in many theatre productions growing up, her most recent being Guys and Dolls playing the role of Sarah Brown. Mary has worked with many popular musicians and artists including grammy award winning pianist, Donald Robinson, grammy award winning rapper Ab Liva, and grammy nominated guitarist of the pop singer Usher, Wendell Pops Sewell. She has recorded with producers Speed Ridah in Philadelphia, Bill Watson in Nashville TN, Danny Indiigo in New York City, and Gavin Adams in Greensburg. She recorded her very first album, “Forever Young” and her EP, “Mary Jo” at Speed Ridah Productions, and recorded her first demo with The Indiigo Child. Along with these well-known names, she has had the opportunity to take lessons and sing with Sony Music Records alumnus, Jenae Laroi. Jenae also features in Mary`s album, “Forever Young” which is available on digital media. Mary is now currently working with Moya Media, and is excited to be releasing new music very soon.

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